Friday, 18 December 2009

Mystery socks pictures

I love these. Loved to knit them, love to feel them on my feet. Perfect fit. I love how the ribbing of the leg goes into the lace pattern on the foot. They are great for gift knitting if you don't know the recipients width of leg, as the pattern makes them really stretchy.
As for the KAL - I was so excited in the beginning but got behind during the process and felt the pressure again - that pressure that was the reason to stop doing knitalongs a few years ago. Just the thought in my head that I should be knit more to keep up with all the others. When I told myself that it was just for the fun of knitting, for not knowing what comes next and that I didn't have to rush and compete with anyone - it was ok and I could continue in my own speed, matching my life.
The complete pattern is found here: Thanks Kirsten Kapur.
The yarn I used is Knitpicks Essential Tweed in colourway 23861. Loevely soft yarn.
Thanks for passing by!


  1. Terrific socks!! I want to make them too!!

  2. What pretty socks! I'm going to follow your link to the pattern for myself.


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