Wednesday, 16 December 2009

This and that

I finally found out why I haven't been able to publish pictures here for the last few times that I tried to. Was on the wrong tab, edit Html, wondered why instead of a picture I got jus a lot of text...
So I finally added pictures to the Durrow posts below. Am on the second repeat of the second chart and I so much ove what I knit. I even thought I might knit one for myelf...

I am off work until January fourth and that feels SO great. Though I seem I can't really enjoy my time off as much as I could as Sweetheart has to work. But he had more time off during the year than I could.

Here are the blueies again at the pond.

We had a bit of snow Sunday morning but it all was gone during the day again, then it got colder and the ground is frozen now, around - 5°Celsius in the early morning and a cold wind from the north east. Seems like winter is finally here.

Oh and for all of you that don't know yet: the new Knitty is out at . Lots of patterns I might want to add to my to do list... Again.

As aways click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Thanks for passing by!

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