Saturday, 15 January 2011

Bisou healing update

Finally the last open part of Bisou's op-wound starts to close. There was a bit of thread from the tissue down under sticking out there and the vet could easily pull it out. I hope that was the last bit that had stopped that spot from healing properly.
The plate holds the bones greatly in place and she only needs a bandage "light" now, just to protect the wound, without splint any more. Her shoulder looks so nasty because of the leftovers from trying to stick the bandage up there last time. Nice try and it was partly a success as the skin on her upper "arm" could recover enough that we can stick it again there, partly it was not successful as it didn't stick in most places and glided way down. But I have to go to change bandages every other day anyways...
She uses her leg nicely when standing or walking slowly while sniffing around and I need to go with her alone on short slooooow walks and show her that it is great to use that leg again - great for clicker training. But as soon as she needs to get somewhere quickly it is her perfected 3-legged hopping.
It is so fun to watch the "sisters" cuddling, squeezed in the same bed or even when there would be enough space to lay looser together. And it is nice that it isn't a one way relationship as each of them searches the other one to sleep close to. And then a big sister is good to support that d**n bandaged leg a bit, too :-)

Thanks for coming over!


  1. oh how sweet and look at her little leg!
    so glad everything is coming along nicely :)

    flynt has finally learnt to swin and comes home from muddy walks all clean and fluffy!

  2. She'll use that leg. I don't think you need to worry about it. It just takes a bit of time.

    Isn't it wonderful that those two found each other in this life? It's like they're soul mates.


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