Friday, 14 January 2011

Mid January back yard view

This looks so different from the one a fourtnight ago that I thought I might post it, too.

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Green grass in January?? How far south are you?

  2. We cut (well Sweetheart did) the grass again late in fall again and fertilized it. I was really surprised how great looking it came out from under the snow.
    We are near Frankfurt, latitude of about 50°N, so quite close to Regina as I just found out, but it is not only a matter of latitude but all the other climate factors that count as well. It is a very mild climate region here, especially in the plain of the "Upper Rhine" where we live.

  3. What a difference a few days make Tina.... Your lawn look in really good condition. Marion

  4. Ours just seems to be growing weeds!


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