Sunday, 9 January 2011

Myrtille and Bisou

Ment to love together!

Thanks for coming over!

P.S. I ment to write "live" but that's just ok like it came out... :-)


  1. They are so nice together. I also dogs and generally pets. I have 3 dogs and 7 cats at home.

    Bye bye


  2. So sweet with that little splint tucked into the cosiness.

  3. Hello Tina....

    I was pleased that you stopped by and left a comment for me. Your doggies looks lovely, lying embraced in cosy cuddles in their basket. I had to look closely to make out which one was which! I’ve been looking at other pictures of them..... I notice what gorgeous ears they have.

    I have been admiring your knitting too. After years of not doing any, I picked up my needles and yarn over the Christmas holiday.... I just had the longing to knit again.... I am not very good though, so I am starting off with wrist warmers, but it will probably be too warm to wear them by the time they are done.

    Your new year's resolution to take a picture of your back yard each month is a great idea. I’ve looked at the snowy scene of your January garden.... what a lovely balcony you have... must have some wonderful views from up there.

    Do keep in touch Tina. I wish you and your family a ‘Happy New Year’.

    Marion - Wales UK

  4. Marion, you don't make any comments on ears here looking at Myrtille, do you? I am sure there is some kind of greek bat somwhere on the list of her ancestors... But I do like those detail oictures anyways.

    I am sure you will be able to wear your wristwarmers this winter. Still more cold to come!

    The yellow house you see on the garden picture is not ours, that's the neighbours' (three families living on the left and three on the right side). I took the picture from our back door - well, it is the french door leading from the living room to the patio/terrace - and you see the right and left side fence of our little back yard run to the back, the wooden garden sheds are left and right side neighbours', ours is tiny, green, and perfectly hidden behind the clematis and rambler rose. We don't have a balcony, but a very nice view from my craft room, which is on the front side of the house, over the fields and to the mountains in the distance.

  5. Oh Tina.... silly me! I was looking at your garden from back to front... not the other way around. Yes, I have it correct in my mind now.

    Well, I think that Myrtille ears are cute. Marion.

  6. Marion, no problem with the garden view. I don't think you're silly!!!
    And I think Myrtille's ears are cute, too, but it is her "special feature" - and I love how other people see this first. Every time I take her to the vets, there is one point when the vet can't help himself any more and sais that "...these ears!" while shaking his head and smiling at her...
    I did not want to offend you with my answer, I just had to laugh so hard. i hope you got that from my commenting back!


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