Saturday, 4 June 2011

June Garden

View from the back door and from the bedroom window upstairs. I do love how green everything is. Amazing how the perenniels grow once it is warm.
And the roses are just gorgeous.
As it is so dry over here (just had two or three cold days with one day 4 the other 7 litres of rain per square meter - which is as good as nothing...) Glad we dug a well at the back of the garden, you need a permission here, that costs a bit but better than using drinking water from the tap.
I just hope my tomatoes will do right... Had them too long on the window sill, they are tiny, yellow leaves, weak. But a check this morining showed evidence of flower buds and new dark green leaves in the edges of the old ones. So there is hope!
(Sweetheart might need another one or two bought plants, just in case... tomatoes are the main purpouse of our veggie garden!!!)

Thanks for coming over!



  1. Everything looks lovely and verdant! Hope your tomatoes do well.

  2. Thank you! Yes the tomatoes seem to get better!


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