Saturday, 30 July 2011

More clouds

Today's sky shows all shades of grey, no matter which side you look out: out of the the kitchen window
and out of the back door.
With 18°C at 3 pm. Off for a nice dog walk now. I like the weather as it is today: dry but cool enough to wear jeans and t-shirt, and to have happy doggies outside, especially old boy Dingo does great.
And though it is this cool I had a nice salad for lunch that I found at thisweekfordinner made with cucumber, tomatoes (both homegrown), watermelon, homegrown herbs (mint, chives, basil, melisse), apple vinegar, olive oil, a bit of salt and lots of ground black pepper. After tasting it I decided to add some feta cheese and it was great! Also pretty but when I thought I could have taken a picture it was already gone... I am not a big fan of watermelons but know of their benefits so buy one now and then in summer. This was a great use for it and I will definitely make this salad again. Next it will go into my smoothie.

Thanks for coming over!


  1. This it's a very nice temperature to go for a walk with doggies.I won't be able today, because we are melting here at 35º in the shadow.
    I like very much the surroundings you have,all in green.

  2. It was a nice walk. I just wondered why I didn't meet more people out there, I was nearly the only one. When it is hot I do a longer morning walk and a longer late evening walk as the young girls still need the exercise. Dingo won't walk far/fast at all when it is warm.
    With all the rain we've had lately it is really very green, and especially the weeds in the garden grow like crazy, but everything else is happy, too.

  3. Your Salad sounds delicious and your dogs sound very happy :) If you have a look at 'Knits and Crosses' blog the post below:

    Sarah is making a scarf and is attempting to match the colour of the sky each day for a few rows of knitting. It looks lovely all greys and blues. I just thought you might be interested :)

  4. Thanks Lucy for the link, that's a great idea and I am a new follower :-)


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