Thursday, 28 July 2011

Myrtille and Bisou playing

Thanks for coming over!


  1. Oh yes, they are indeed. To know them means to love them!

  2. They are beautiful animals. They must brings you great joy. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...MAry

  3. Thanks for following my blog! I'm a big gardener too -- not so much on knitting or crocheting or spinning (how interesting that one is!)

  4. Thanks Mary, they are a constant source of joy, Watching them usually brings a smile to my face.
    Anette, you are welcome! So with the garden we have one interest in common, and I used to ride horses, too, but never owned one.

  5. Do you know what part of Spain they came from? How did you get them? together? You went to pick up them?
    Please tell us all about it..
    Mine are all rescue. Mocho,the Boston Terrier came with 2 years old,Marcelo with 7 years from our shelter home ,here in Gran Canaria, about six month ago.Pluto was walking on the road near my house with anemia(5 month ago) and Martina,the Spanish greyhound,I went to pick up her to a shelter in Barcelona.(a year ago)She has panic to anyone! It's been hard work for us to meet each other.Now she's much better, but only with me :( Two specialize trainers saw her.They both said it was going to be a long and hard work for her to recover confidences.She was very bad treated.But she is doing much better since Pluto arrive.She has learn to play,which she did't know how....It's incredible how sensitive this dogs are.

  6. Virginia, I wrote about them and where we got them at some places here. Your questions made me start a page on them and I am working on it now. We all got them separately. The spanish girls had been in foster homes in Germany already (Bisou with a Galgo), they both come originally from perreiras, will look it up in which towns. Myrtille was still in Greece when we found her ad on the internet and we picked her up at the airport.
    Thank you for rescueing such "desperate" dogs.


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