Sunday, 17 July 2011

Terracotta Garden Granny Square Blanket

Some time ago (well a long time ago) I saw this blanket on Lucy's blog Attic24 and loved it. Knew immediately that I wanted to make one four our couch, but in our living room's colours, mainly terracottas, browns, with accent of cream. And as I had already worked with Catania, a nice cotton yarn that comes in lots of colourways, I knew I would use this one. Don't remember if I had these colours at home already or if I got them then. I hooked happily away a bit, took these two pictures (a try to use an opal plastic bucket as a light box *lol*)

and then I forgot about it because there were other projects that were more important to me...

Hooked a bit now and then but not much and not "seriously" until yesterday. Got all the circles and squares out that I have made so far, smiled and hooked! So lovely!!!

I think I will join four squares with the same fourth row, and then join these with a row of grey, inspirated by the living room tiles. Just not sure yet if I will join four squares that are the same or four that have just the center and outer row in common. But I have enough time to decide on that :-)

Here is what I had this morning:

Thanks for coming over!



  1. oh tina i cannot wait to see it finished!
    i have so many projects on the go right now but had to stop all but one. i am crocheting a 'pixie/faery' shawl for a dear friend and it needs to be finished for our camp next month for our next Avebury gathering! so been busy today with my hook!

  2. Thank you Laoi! I am busy with my hook today, too, it is a cool day and it is nice to sit on the sofa surrounded by three white furry "heating bottles" and crocheting...

  3. Love the color combo. This is going to be a lovely blanket.

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  6. Tina, those colours are absolutely gorgeous. They make me think of coffee, cream, chocolate cake and cinnamon sticks - all very scrumptious. This is going to be so beautiful... x

  7. Those squares are quite lovely, Tina...seems as though you have had a bit of time to crochet! Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog...I will do the same here ♥


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