Monday, 30 April 2012

A few spring flower pictures

... from the front and back garden on the last day of April.
March was unusually warm over here, then April colder, even with frosts again and wet and a lot more like typical for the season but it didn't feel right after that too warm March.
The last three days now have been hot. Over 30°C in some places. Summer temps! I think April just doesn't want to be said it was colder than the month before :-)

So here are some pictures:
One of the short red tulips that just do the weirdest things when taken pictures of, colourwise.

The wild white-and-yellow tulips. I love these for their simpleness ;-)

 A bee on a hellebore. Look at all that pollen on her hind leg.

 Narcissus are called "Easter bells" over here, because that's when they usually are all out there in all theirgorgousness. For me there is not much around that says more "spring is here" than narcissus and tulips.

A primula we bought for the big pot in the front yard. Flowering on long stems.

Our little olive tree hibernated in our bedroom. That was a lot better than last year in the basement. Now it is at it's old place on the patio enjoying the sun.

Another tulip.
Thanks for coming over! Tina


  1. Your photos look so spring like, all our flowers seem to have been washed away with all the rain we are having! Diane

  2. Georgeus Tulips and Narcissus,congratulations!! nice to see olive tree enjoying the sun too.

  3. I wonder if my Hellebore is in flower, I must go look. My Irises are about to flower, but not much else. Yours all look beautiful. 30 Degrees? Lucky you!

  4. Diane, the rain we had was much needed! And it wasn't that much...

    Virginia, thanks, we carefully chose colours and hights, so they all go nicely together and don't get knocked down by the wind. We had planted whites and apricot/orange ones together, unfortunately the white ones get less each year.

    Cro, our Irises have fat buds, too. They have grown like mad during the last few days. Your hellebore is not in flower yet? Must be a late type. And yes, we had those 30°C, and today it's hot again. Too hot for my likings. Our garden isn't very shady yet. Thats the con if you start a new garden.

  5. it looks so lovely!
    we had a very hot march and a very chilly and wet april~i am hoping may is much better!

  6. We had similar weather to you, only it hasn't come hot again yet! Everything is still just very wet. Your flowers are looking glorious.


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