Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Way to 10 K - Intervals

exercised distance intervals, 50min total running, and got the Interval Runner badge.

That was:
5 min warm up walk
10 min run
1 min walk
10 min run
2 min walk
10 min run
3 min walk
10 min run
4 min walk
10 min run
5 min walk to cool down.

And I felt absolutely great. Tried my new heart rate monitor and I think I can get used to it and it is useful.

Checked the distance in my jogmap account and it was over 9.1 km total.
Yeah :-)


  1. very interesting. When I owned my own horse, that's how I got her fit for competitions and it always worked well and did not cause any injuries or lameness.

  2. Why should there be a difference in training different long distance runners :-)
    It makes all sense to me.


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