Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Sweater dog beds

It must have been years ago that I saw a picture on the www that cought my attention. It was of a dogbed made from an old sweater. I think it was this one and I loved it and immediately had an old sweater in mind that I would use.
Took me until this winter to finally get around to tackle the project. Had two sweaters to use up, had a cushion, got another one and some stuffing for the sleeves.
It is easy but I found it a bit hard for my hands to deal with the fabric.
You sew straight from armpit to armpit, stuff the sleeves from the neck opening and from their bottom openings, close the neck opening, stuff some more and straighten the stuffing. Sew the sleeve openings together so that you get a round tube. Insert a fitting cushion into the body of the sweater and sew the bottom close while attaching the sleeve tube all around. Tada:

They ALL love them! If one leaves one of these, you can be sure someone else (who you thought was deeply asleep somewhere else) will occupy it immediately. 

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do. Perhaps you want to make some comfy dog bed yourself. I would be pleased to answer any detail questions on how I made them.

Thanks for coming over.


  1. what a great idea! I don't think we don't really wear sweaters, I shall have to have a look in the charity shop for one.

    1. These sweaters couldn't be worn any more (well I actually did at home as I love them) but they had seen better days. The fair isle jumper is felted and got too small but I love it and am so happy that I can see it each day now ;-)

  2. It's a fabulous idea. Do you know anyone who has an unwanted size XXXXXXXL sweater, that would do for my dogs?

    1. Look in charity shops, or vide greniers, for something huuuuge ;-) And I can reassure you, the dog beds grow with use and doggies don't have to fit inside as we think, they love to lie across it or even two of them share one...
      You would just have to use a BIG pillow, not a cushion ;-)


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