Friday, 24 June 2011


Our little girl had a big day yesterday! Took part in a dog race! She did so great and ran 50 meters in 5.2 seconds. Only two dogs of her size were a bit faster. We are so proud of her though it was just for fun. (And I think the vet who put her right ulna and radius back together did a pretty good job.)

Thanks for coming over!


P.S. This is a "firsty" for us: Sweetheart took Myrtille for the weekend with him, to an agility competition (she is not running yet, just getting used to being there), sleeping in the tent (together in his sleeping bag I suppose) and I am staying at home with Bisou, Flavie and Dingo - the house is so quiet...


  1. It's French and means "kiss". Now it shows that that was the best name we could find for her as she gives kisses with her long fast tongue all the time :-)


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