Sunday, 26 June 2011

Sunday morning

Up again early and back from the first walk. Weather forecast has been "promising" temperatures over 30°C for today and it is very humid, so when I was awake, the dogs were awake, it wasn't raining - there was no point to stay in bed and then have to go for the walk later in the heat.

It was a lovely walk and I picked some nuts to try out a recipe for a regional specialty: you need green walnuts that stay in water for about a fortnight, then you preserve them by cooking them in syrup. After 6 months you can open your first glass though they are said to get even better with time. They taste great with goat or sheep cheese or also with game. Will see if they are really worth the mess.
Didn't have the camera with me so instead here are some pictures from last week saturday's walk when we got soaked. Glad we were close to the ponds when it started raining and it rained really heavily, with a strong wind, and we could at least stand under a tree and among some bushes. It was over as fast as it had started and we got the greatest looking sky after.

On the two pictures above you can see the dark mass of cloud that was so heavy with the rain...

But luckily blown away so fast.

Of course I couldn't help but had to take some flower pictures, too:

Thanks for coming over!


Edit at 9 am: Glad I was out so early as the farmer is just out in his potatoes spraying them with herbicides/insecticides.


  1. Thank you ever so much for for stopping by my blog & your lovely comment :)

    That looks like a wonderful walk!

    Jo x

  2. You are welcome, Jo! The walks are indeed wonderful over here though I sometimes miss some woods (but then there would be ticks around, too, which I dont need at all) for there coolness and magic. But I love where I live!


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