Saturday, 25 June 2011

Small bags

Today I want to show you two little bags I have made recently. This first isn't finished yet, I want to add a zipper and a handle. Then better pictures than this... Pattern is from and very easy to follow. As I went along I saw that my double held yarn wouldn't be enough, so I took out the bottom of the bag and did a three needle bind off instead. The yarn from the frogged bottom was just enough to finish the bag.

Then there is my first try in tapestry crochet. About the same size as the paw bag, just good for my mobile, keys and purse.
I worked in the round but changed the colours for the front and back so that the celtic knot is in peach on one side and in grey on the other. Still not sure what I prefer so I am glad I have both ways :-)
I had started this one years ago and forgot about it. When I found it again, I knew I wanted it finished. And use it. Finally. Was fun to crochet. The pattern for he knot is from a book full of celtic inspired cross-stitches that is called "Keltische Muster in Kreuzstich" by Barbara Hammet.
Thanks for coming over!


  1. Both of these bags are great, I love the paw print (Perfect for you) and the Celtic knot pattern. They are both lovely :)

  2. looks great (too complicated for me!)

  3. I'm pushover for tiny purses, and make them all the time. Yours is just lovely, thanks for showing us!


  4. Thank you!
    Neither of them is complicated to knit/crochet.You just have to know how to knit and purl, or single crochet. If you want to make one too and need help just let me know.
    They are like instant gratification, and you don't have to make a second one as with socks :-)


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