Sunday, 5 June 2011

Doggie stomach bug

Ah, I had an awful night tonight with Flavie throwing up after being really worried about Dingo Friday evening. He started throwing up in the afternoon, several times, had some water that came back, too, so regarding his age and the heat and him not wanting to lay down but his hind legs giving in some when standing around, I took him to the vet. Who didn't like his overall look either and the smell in Dingo's mouth made him think of kidney problems but the first thing he said was that there is a bug around. Wow, this kidney thing really worried me until twentyish minutes later we had the results of the blood work and everything was good. So Dingo had an infusion (subcutane, hadn`t seen that before and it left a bump on his back/side) and some meds and was made "eating" some contrast stuff that is used for intestinal x-rays but also good to calm the stomach wall (not sure if that's a good word?) which was a big mess on vet's floor/cupboards/vet assistant`s and my pants and arms. Poor doggie boy hated it. He so much wanted his salami stick they usually get there.
Back at home he sleeped and after that looked a whole lot better. Was hungry the next morning and got a bit to eat and drink and it stayed inside! Sleeped a lot more during the a.m. and now seems to have recovered a bit more every time he gets up again. No more incidents here.

And then yesterday night Flavie started it. Problem is she is so fast that you have no chance to put something under her face or get her somewhere else - especially when you are sleeping, even if you already are wearing your glasses while sleeping... So I had to clean up several times during the night... Poor thing is upstairs now in front of the bathroom door, no idea why that but I leave her there if she's comfortable.

The two young girls are ok so far and I keep my fingers crossed! They took care of old Gramps yesterday and seemed to stay with or watch him closely. So cute.

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  1. The more dogs you have, the more possibilities there are that there's something going on.
    I'm glad it's only a stomach bug though!
    During this time of year our pups are always having the runs, because they eat so much crap when they are outside. We have a ditch to one side, where the water stands for some time, and it smells foul, and they like to slurp that, and eat the mud, and after that they have the runs. Denny throws up too, but it's always something he ate, even though I try to prevent him from eating those things. He's so fast. Maggie sometimes throws up when her stomach is empty, even though we give them food twice a day, for that reason, and some treats in between.
    Heat is no fun either. After a cool break, the temps are back up again, and they say it's going to be an unusual hot summer. Oy!
    Sorry for going on so long!

  2. No problem, you are welcome. Where else should we write about things like this if not with other dog lovers!
    Denny being fast eating rubbish - I do know that, must be a Cattle dog thing :-) Dingo once managed to get poisoned while being on leash... And the hungry-throwing-up-bile is common in our house, too. Josy did it until we changed her to raw food, and Myrtille does it now and then, Bisou on very rare occasions...
    Flavie has drunken a bit now and it stayed inside her. she is sleeping it away and seems better now too.

  3. Phew they are hard work, I have one dog and she has severe food intolerance and pancreas problems, I have to be very strict with her food, the heat makes it all worse. It is a worry when they are not well, especially the older ones, the younger ones seem to bounce back though. I hope they are on the mend and that you get a better nights sleep.

  4. Been there, done that. It's not fun. I'm glad that it seems to be a doggy bug going around and not something much more serious. It's always a worry when they're sick though. I hope the sick ones get better soon and the well ones stay that way.

  5. Thanks for your comments!
    Lucy, yes I had a better night's sleep - until we had a thunderstorm :-) Food intolerance is a bad thing, when we first got Dingo it was assumed he had some, too, cooked him horse meat and potatoes, but when we changed him back to kibbles after all the symptoms had gone, he was fine. Our dogs do great on raw food, though Dingo is back on kibbles as he only tolerated skinless chicken well in the end and that is just too monotone...
    Susan, that`s just the status this morning - the sick ones a lot better and the well ones still well. Really glad about it!

  6. Poor Doggies...poor you! 'Glad to hear everyone is feeling better. I don't know how you do it with so many...keeping up with just one is almost more than I can handle!

  7. Oh no, hope they're feeling better now.

  8. It isn't that bad to handle four of them... you get used to it, and then our gang grew slowly. And I did so much miss to have three when there were only two left :-)
    I just wouldn't have all of them vomit or have diarrhea at the same time *lol*
    And by now they are over it, the little ones not getting it at all. but some dogs in the neighbourhood weren't feeling well, either, so it really was a bug going around


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