Sunday, 28 August 2011

Another green sunday walk

This was a weird week weatherwise: hot days with temperatures up to 35°C, with thunderstorms and following cool temperatures at night. Saturday then cool, 15°C in the a.m., around 20°C in the afternoon. Heavy rain now and then.

Today started cool, too, but dry and the sun came round from behind heavy clouds. Great weather for another noon walk with the dogs: This is the partly muddy path between the fields (carrots, potatoes, beets) that we came along,the view to the left and the path we continued walking on so it wasn't hard to end up looking like this if someone had to make sure that that mouse had definitely disappeared :-) It looks like Myrtille's nose wasn't straight and her ears were heavy with mud, too...This is the biggest "hill" right here , the view is even better from there than in the plain and with good weather you can see the skyline of Frankfurt from there. Didn't make it up there today, it is too far to walk for Dingo right now when it is still warm. Look at all those different greens! The blue-green is a field of leek, in the front beets.More leek and the "hill" closer. It isn't far away from this point but to get there you have to walk a big loop across the fields to the right and get to it from the back side. Just too much today. On my way back (and to get there) I crossed a little creek looking quite wild to one side of the bridgebut more channel like to the other side, it is an old side arm or loop of the Rhine.Nearby is a little meadowAnd here, nearly home now, a corn field in full blossom in front of the little wood in which a flock of parakeets have their colony.Just having hooked on the leashes on the gang for the last few meters.Getting home after nearly two hours I was hungry and tired, opened the back door and see who wasn't exhausted at all: Hope you are having a great weekend and thanks for coming over!



  1. What a beautiful area to walk in. It is so nice and green.

  2. That really was a green walk. And trust a hound to find the muddy bits!

  3. what a lovely walk as you say so full of greens!

  4. such a nice schenery!!!

  5. Fantastic view and photos.
    Dogs fit and full of energy!

  6. Thank you for your nice comments! I really love it around here. It is not as rural and wild as perhaps a few kilometers further west where the hills start but on the other hand I am so close to clinic, vets, doctors, supermarket, city (not that I go there very often...) and work, which is important, too, and you just have to make compromises. I have never regretted having chosen this place to live at about 4 1/2 years ago.


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