Saturday, 13 August 2011

Veggie gardener's pride

These are some pictures from the veggie garden taken this morning. Sorry for the crap quality of some of them, me or the camera must have been still sleeping somewhat...

First the tomato patch, so far we've only had a few single ripe ones, but I hope for some more from now on. This year we have cherry tomatoes, bush t., olive t., all homegrown from seed on the bathroom then craftroom window sills, mexican honey t. bought as baby plants at a garden fair (not tasted yet), and some red currant t. that selfseeded from last year's plants.

Then there is the aubergine, a bought plant, that now finally has some fruit after many fallen down blossoms.

Next this tiny chilli pepper plant with a fully grown single fruit more than half the size of the plant. Ready for harvest.

And finally we have managed to have an artichoke that makes us happy! We had some plants before but all of them failed. Usually the artichoke plant is bi-annual, blooms in the second year. Problem here was the winter, even under some textile cover they froze. This year we made one last attempt, bought a tiny plant and put it in a pot so that it could hibernate in the basement. But look, there is a little artichoke on it already, about the size of a golf ball. Imagine the joy when I first saw it!!!

And here is the small pear tree with these big pears on it, nine in total. They are still hard and green but that is the way Sweetheart loves them, and he sais they taste great - I prefer them tender, yellow and dripping with juices when you have a bite...

Thanks for coming over and have a lovely weekend!



  1. It's wonderful!!! Tomatoes makes a big different when they are home grow,the smell and taste are much better.
    I love that"tiny" pepper..

  2. Everything looks so good, and fresh! Do your dogs steal tomatoes from the vine? I had Cherrie tomatoes once, and Happy was harvesting away, so that I didn't get a lot of tomatoes for myself. :o)

  3. Everything looks great ~ I just picked peas today! Happy harvesting, love Karen in SW France

  4. Those pics are making me hungry! My garden had a soggy start due to record amounts of rain here this spring but July was hot and things are coming along nicely. The tomato plants are dripping with lovely green tomatoes.

  5. Your vegetables and fruit are looking great.

  6. I think everything homegrown is so much better, fresher, harvested just at the right point of ripeness than the bought products and best directly from the garden into the mouth or pot :-) And 100% organically grown.
    The dogs have so far picked everything apart from the tomatoes, they just try to get those fallen down on the ground - so if I open the back door, I have to pick up those rotting tomatoes first than hurry to get to the raspberries... If we are missing a dog we have to look closely into the raspeberry hedge :-)


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