Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bisou news

Do you remember all the blog posts back in winter after we had brought home Bisou? In short: she had broken her leg in her foster home, and after we got her we found out she had healed without boney conjunction at a weird angle and needed surgery to implant a metal plate (after rebraking the bones of course) and two pins, healing of the wound took long, she needed surgery again in late march to take the plate out...
The links to my original posts: the introduction, healing update, second surgery needed, second surgery, stitches are out, first prove.
Long story with happy ending: she had her final check-up last Monday at the vet-clinic with x-ray and EVERYTHING IS FINE! Surely not as if nothing had happened but great for the circumstances. She is allowed to do everything! Even agility training is possible! We are so happy!
We haven't restricted her from anything since the second surgery and she is doing so great, running at full speed along the field paths, playing roughly with Myrtille without finding some ending, hunting for and catching mice, running up and down the stairs, and I would have been shocked if the x-ray would have showed something to worry!
Here she is asking Myrtille to continue playing, p l e e e a a a s e:
Thanks for coming over!


  1. It's great that she is totally recover now!! She was so lucky to found you, and to live in there.
    You must have been very patient with all the process,but now just have to enjoy the reward.
    Happy end for both.

  2. Virginia, we were also lucky to have found her! She is such a funny little girl and makes us smile so often. And she is the perfect playmate for Myrtille, it is such a joy to watch them play.

  3. Hi Tina,
    I was thrilled with your lovely comment on my blog. I have also joined you and anxious to read about your crochet, your garden,your life and your dog. I think you are my first follower from Germany; love your food and often trying to reproduce those flavours. Thank you for your visit.

  4. What wonderful news. Well done you. As you're aware I know how tough a job it is to get these injured dogs back to fitness. Al credit to all involved. Enjoy agaility Bisou :)

    We had a canine emergency today. One of the whippets collapsed when we were out on our walk. We rushed him to the vets but he was already perking up. We may never actually know what caused it but it was very scary and we just hope it never happens again.

  5. I think it's always a joy watching happy dogs in harmony. :)

  6. what good news! A long recovery, but I'm glad for you and Bisou that it's over now. Happy dogs!

  7. Rita, you are welcome, and I hope we can share some recipes.
    Annie, hope everything is ok again in your gang and it was a singular event!
    Virginia, it is indeed! I could watch the girls playing endlessly :-)
    Terri, thanks, and we hope the leg will be "calm" for long years now.


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