Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rice Krispie Treats

Here's another great treat I found on the web: Rice Krispie heaps, made with a bar of dark chocolate and a few spoons of nutella. They are so good. Perfect with a nice cup of coffee in the afternoon. I saw the idea on A Trifle Rushed and checked my supermarket for the right cereals :-) The result is absolutely worth the effort. Am thinking of trying white chocolate next time, mixed with some vanilla cream instead of the nougat cream.

I had made something similar already, with cornflakes, and dried fruit, but never had the idea of adding nutella...

And as I was taking their picture in that pretty tin that once was home to yummy amarettini bisquits I saw the dog bisquit tin standing next to it and I thought I could show it to you too. Once Danish cookies came in it and it is the perfect size for a package of dog cookies and pretty enough to be kept on the counter...

Do you recycle pretty packages, too?

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  1. Yes I DO recycle tins! I keep all my tins!! Those look lovely and I might make a batch myself ext week!

  2. Tina I don't recycle tins, I buy them.I love them all and I have a modest collection.One day I make some photos of them,and show you.
    I also have one tin for my dogs treats, and I make healthy dogs biscuit some time.
    About Rice Krispie,looks gorgeous !
    I think I'll try with white chocolate first :)

  3. Let me know how your treats come out. I can recommendate to not make them too big, I think they are best if you don't have to bite them, just put one into your mouth.
    Virginia, I'll check your place for the tin pictures :-) I guess there are some with chickens on them... Wanna bake some dog treats this week, too, got a recipe book from the neighbour.
    I have been know to buy cookies just for the tin... need to show you some time, too.

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed them :-) You are right they are far better in small mouthful sizes, a real treat with a cup of coffee, and perfect for visiting children.



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