Friday, 1 February 2008

Craft room progress

Found a desk in the nearest furniture store. Metal and glass. Nice looking. Good price. Wanted to buy it immediately. Not delivered to the magazine yet. Should be there already. Argh. Got the article number and their phone number - will check daily...

Went home and fixed the shelves to each other and the middle one to the wall. Ready to be fully loaded now. But only unpacked one small box of books. The knitting books. Had a short look at Aberlady in the Celtic Collection. Which I had planned to knit after Cromarty. And still plan! In my WIP (or better UFO?) box I found the three balls of yarn I bought to knit swatches with. Two in greyish greens that I really like but they will probabely be to bulky. Wouldn't mind a little math on the pattern to get them fitting, but I think it would totally change the look and the style of the sweater. The third one is a skein of Regia silk sock yarn. That is SO soft. I think that will do the trick. I know I just wrote the other day that I wouldn't buy any new yarn before using what I have - that is still right but what's wrong with swatching and making decicions???

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