Monday, 4 February 2008

Monday morning again

and am feeling really bad. Mentally and physically. But hey I don't whine just keep going as if everything were ok. Perhaps that's wrong...
Did further unpacking, didn't start anything new but made some decisions.
Pulled out two nearly FOs ffrom the UFO box. One is the vest for Sweetheart. Made the shoulders longer, now it fits. He loves it! Weaved in some ends, have still to graft close the shoulder seems. Then we'll have to do a trip to town to buy some nice buttons.
Other one is Cromarty, continued to close the seams in matress stitch and I realised how much I love these seams. Don't even mind to do them. On former sweaters I hated to do the finishing and I think this is mostly due to the fact that I didn't like the result of how I did the seams. I mostly crocheted. Got a thick unstretchy seam. These now on Cromarty are even pretty to me!
Yesterday we went for an 2 1/2 hour walk with the dogs. I really liked to walk in the bright sun and discover the surroundings. Unfortunately all my charger-finding attempts were unlucky, so no pics which I really regretted.


  1. Darling sounds like a keeper! gormet dinners, no less...

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting over the weekend.


  2. I just saw your post on my blog about your training for a 5k. Good luck and you can definitely do it! I'm having the hardest time with motivation to train. Any tips?


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