Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The moon

looks gorgeous right now! With this clear sky we have at the moment she seems to be so near. This morning when she was already quite low above the horizon she looked so soft because of the touch of orange. But when I saw her I knew why I had sleped so bad this night. And we have the shutters down, so it is definitely not the light that keeps my sleep so lightly. She will be full very soon, maybe even on my birthday, I haven’t looked yet.
It’s amazing how our move to the new house and new surroundings has changed my perception. (well not sure if it was the move or if I just have changed... anyhow...) On every single walk with the dogs I am out of the area where there are buildings. I can see them all the time, sure, even the big factory, but it is definitely so different to the area we lived before where I usually did the shorter dogwalks on mornings and nights inside the city limits.


  1. the moon is wonderful, isnt it? I spend hours moon-gazing, and my energy definitely builds as the moon waxes. When I am rich (thats a laugh!) i shall treat myself to a really good camera so that i can take more detailed photos of the moon, but I manage for now, and love being outside when the moon is full.

    Leanne x

  2. Your dogs are all very pretty....thank you for rescueing. I saw you mentioned agility, I work with my rescues in agility as well. I do not have your 'normal' agility dog...I compete with Yorkies, but am training a Papillon as well.

    The Princess foot feels good "on", but I will let you know what I think after wearing it for a day.

  3. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new house.

  4. seems that you are connecting with the moon and Mother Earth! enjoy those walks :)

  5. thank you for your kind words on my blog! Did you end up running your 5k? I may have missed a post because I only looked back through your last entries quickly. If you did run it, how did it go? How do you feel you did?


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