Thursday, 14 February 2008

The old lady

Josy, rescued crossbreed. We got her in March 1999 when she was estimated 3 to 4 years old. So she is 12 or 13 now. Is still fit, too, plays, likes to work and run. Did great in agility!
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  1. Your old girl was absolutely beautiful, this photograph is fantastic, what a dignified old lady and in tip top health. She looked very happy. I also love the photograph of three dogs on one lead. They all are lucky to have you as their 'Mom' x

  2. Thank you! Still miss her though it is nearly two years ago that we had to put her down. She was doing great until saturday night, got sick on sunday morning and tuesday we made THAT decision. Glad we could both be with her while falling asleep for the very last time...
    Not only beautiful but she was such a great dog with excellent social skills!
    Tina, with tears in my eyes


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