Tuesday, 1 April 2008

And what about the knitting?

There is some knitting related news, though.
Finished objects as well as new yarn. So without pics not worth mentioning? In short; the longtime WIP and UFO Cromarty is done! Waits to be wetted and blocked. It is short and wide but I LOVE it already!
Started a new pair of socks for Sweetheart in greens.
Started two swatches for Aberlady.
Did a swatch for a crochet curtain.
Wanted to get some different yarn for the curtain and see if I could find something nice for Aberlady and perhaps Laminaria, so I went into town last Saturday. Got the cotton crochet yarn I wanted. Didn’t see anything I liked for Aberlady or the shawl.
Found out that one of the downtown LYS had closed four days before (but it was from a “chain” so there is still one in the neighbour town and I even don’t think there were great bargains as they just transfer the yarn that is left to another shop).
Got some nice yarns at low prices and I already know what I want to make with everything. When I was grocery shopping that night I even bought more yarn in the supermarket at a great price.
Now got to find out what is wrong with uploading the pictures!!!

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