Wednesday, 2 April 2008

These days,

when I drive to work I can see the effort the sun is making:
Four weeks ago I had to start working an hour later than usual. Same this week. Now I remarked that the sun peeks just over the mountains in the east when I cross the river on the autobahn-bridge at 7 am. Very beautiful. Now and then. ??? We have changed to “summertime” (light saving time) last Sunday so 7 am now means 8 am for the sun. And the four weeks means sunrise is 1 hour earlier. And with this time shift this means sunset is 2 hours later in the evening. Is ok right now for me but in summer it doesn’t really help me as I have to go to bed at a decent hour to get up at 4:20 am to be at least somewhat refreshed. And I don’t really mind if it is still light half or one or two hours after I sleep…

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