Friday, 18 April 2008

What I forgot to mention in my posts last Sunday over all that excitement about the internet connection was that I had seen the first swallows of the year on that day! They are back and I do hope they find enough insects yet!
This spring weather really is driving me crazy this year. After nice and warm periods where everyone thinks “that’s it” it gets cold again and that icy wind from northern directions is back again… Yesterday evening it really hit me in the face as I somehow wasn’t prepared to it. On my walk in the afternoon the sun was shining, some clouds around, a cool breeze that made me close my coat when walking against it but ripping open my coat when it came from behind as the sun is quite strong yet.
The forecast is talking about 20°C for the weekend – that will throw me off my feet. Too warm too fast… But we’ll see! I don’t complain about the weather – as there is only bad clothing, never bad weather!!!

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  1. oh, its lovely when you see the first swallows of the season isnt it!!

    Leanne x


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