Sunday, 13 April 2008


The yarn I bought lately.


  1. Love the pictures and it is interesting to see that we are in the same season. That Mohana looks really soft!

    I really like the little box on the left of your blog that tells teh weather where you are.

    So, what is in your craft room. Do you do anything crafty besides knitting?

    Most important, the pictures are great, but where are the dogs??? LOL

  2. Leah, that question about the dogs is so good. When I cam home from that walk, I thought about not having taken one single pic of the dogs. After postin the pictures here and being upstairs again - oops not even an older one posted...
    Watch out for my craft room soon! Taht Mohana yarn IS soft, but it might also be shedding - we'll see!
    I too like features in other people's blogs like the time or the weather they just have when I visit.


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