Sunday, 13 April 2008

Sunday morning

Today was a great morning and I was out with the dogs and the camera. Took a few nice pictures and try to upload them now.
Getting here already makes me think positiv for the posting of the pics...
I've been wanting to post photos of my daily walks for quite some time but there were always some strange difficulties I had with the internet connection. Now it seems to be ok! Good day, as I said!
I am listening to the playlist on Leanne's blog at (who has also taken us with her on her walk around her beautiful surroundings in Somerset, UK this week). I love it and will try to get some new cds... Listened to Alan Stivell earlier today and am in a very good mood. I MUST listen more to my lovely cds than just the radio!!!

We had lots of rain during the last few days and this morning finally the sun was out and spring couldn' t hide away. The different shades of green are so amazing!

About ten minutes from our house there are several little lakes, and my usual daily walk takes me there.

There is a meadow along it where the dogs play. The view from
about the middle to one side (Note Josy's back end...):

And to the other side:


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