Monday, 21 April 2008

My Kiri shawl

Had this on my old blog yet but I am wearing it a lot right now and I do love it so much! It is made from sock yarn and so not too "girly" for me! Here is the pattern. Also available in French and German now.


  1. holy cow, this is beautiful! I want one...I wish I knew how to knit/crochet...I've tried but was just never able to pick it up, sadly. Good job!

  2. wow Tina!1 thats beautiful!! wish i had the confidence to try something like that! well done you! i love it!

    Leanne x

  3. Thank you for you nice comments! Alexandra, try it again! There are so great instruction videos on the internet, that you might get it easier. Crocheting might be easier, give it a try!
    Leanne, it is only knits and purls and a "hole" now and then, nothing intimidating! Try it!

  4. your knitting is beautiful!
    what a gorgeous shawl.
    thanks for visiting my blog.. I am getting round to blogs now after my time away xoxo


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